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PROASH REF is a type of amorphous organic micro silica that possesses excellent flowability and a high specific surface area. It is specifically designed to fill the tiny gaps in refractory castables.

Here are the specifications for our micro silica

SiO₂ min. 90%
Al203 max. 2%
Carbon max. 2%
Moisture max. 1%
Bulk density 0.6 gm/cc
Particle size < 45 micron

In order to enhance the strength of refractory castables and precast products across a range of temperatures, micro silica is utilized. By incorporating PROASH REF, the castable requires less water for casting, as our micro silica heightens the castable's flow properties.

By utilizing less water, denser castables with decreased porosity can be produced, ultimately resulting in elevated strength and corrosion resistance. As a substitute for inorganic micro silica or silica fume that is currently employed for similar applications, PROASH REF is an ideal option. Our product provides a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

In addition to its use in refractory castable, our organic micro silica finds application in other areas, including

Waterproofing chemicals
Flame retardants
Insecticides & Bio-fertilizers
Ceramic glaze
Oil spill absorbent