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Cement Industry


PROASH CEM, also known as organic micro silica, is a type of pozzolanic silica with an amorphous structure and a notably high specific surface area. It can penetrate the micro pores in cement and concrete and can be milled to a size of less than 45 microns using an appropriate grinding method. This micro-fine size significantly increases its reactivity and enhances its surface area.

Our product’s specifications are as follows

SiO₂ min. 90%
Carbon max. 3%
Bulk density 0.6 gm/cc
Particle size < 45 micron
Blaine's permeability > 390 m2/kg

By incorporating our product into cement and concrete, the strength can be enhanced by 10-20% while using only 2-5% of the product. Additionally, this application reduces the air permeability of the concrete, making it a superior choice for a variety of construction projects, such as bridges, marine structures, and nuclear power plants. Our organic micro silica serves as an excellent alternative to inorganic micro silica or silica fume, which are used for similar purposes.

The use of PROASH CEM offers several benefits, including
Enhanced compressive strength
Improved resistance to corrosion
Reduced water penetration
Lower air permeability
Decreased porosity